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Strength training, Corrective exercise Rehabilitation Athletic and sport specific training for individuals or small groups, Low back disorders masters methodology practitioner.

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A Solid Place To Start


Before working on your car you do many things; you listen, you look, you feel, and you test.  The same diagnostic work needs to be done for the human body to find and understand impingements, imbalances, and strengths before implementing random training routines and exercises.

Using Tools and testing movements including the functional movement screen is essential to understand the way each individual body works.  Once completing my detailed assessment I am well prepared to couple what needs to be done with the goals of my clients to achieve and exceed fitness and health goals.



60 Minutes

Come join a new experience in understanding how your body works and how to make it function better through movements targeting each muscle group to move the body the way it should move. Starting with a light thermogenic warm up and working joint by joint to appropriate the correct movements to keep the body balanced. An awesome class to relieve pain and correct movements to put the body in correct alignment.  Suitable for all ages and abilities. A light assessment is included as well as an educational easy to understand through the class to benefit everyone. Walk out feeling better than when you came in. 

           CO-ED TRAINING



60 Minutes Functional Strength


Come and join a 60 min class focusing on creating a better functioning human machine.
We will begin with a dynamic warm-up, followed by foam rolling, and mobility work (15 min) to prepare for a full-body training session incorporating functional movement patterns and scaled to suit all ages, levels, and capabilities.  Learn how your body should properly move and implement the correct exercises to increase the quality of your life, regardless of what you do.
You will leave each session better than when you walked in.  GUARANTEED!





Join us in a program specifically designed for runners!  You will improve your running stride as well as increasing strength, speed, and stamina by implementing exercises and mobility that are geared towards strong movement patterns and preventing injury.




Is your child a competitive athlete?  Hockey, Dance, Swiming, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball Cross Country, etc.?

The Strength & Conditioning for Young Athletes program is designed to enhance the athletic performance and development of young athletes while also building resilience towards injury.  This program has been specifically created for young athletes based on the athletes age, skill level and fitness testing results

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