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Sometimes you just want to hear it right from the horse's mouth, how good some things really are.  Well, here you go!  The Following are a few of our testimonials we have provided for you to look over but we must warn you the horses we used are really stallions as they have been training at Natural Fitness. 


I have always prided myself in being super active and very fit. In my mid-50s my body started to give me some grief in my knees, back, and shoulders and I really had to stop doing some of my weight exercises. I looked for a trainer to assist me and found Chris about 2 months ago. I have been going twice a week since and all I can say is WOW! 
Now that I have the proper form and know how to stretch out my body before a weight workout I am feeling like I am in my mid-30s again. Feeling super strong and so motivated! Highly recommend Chris’s style of training if you have injuries, are aging, are in a slump or just so you learn the importance of proper training to fit your body and capabilities.


Debb Darfur


Chris knows his stuff, I started working out with Chris in my 40s and he got me into the best shape I had ever been. I was in decent shape when we started, but just could not seem to improve, once I started with Chris......amazing!

Jo-Anne Cameron


Chris was my personal trainer 6 years ago very knowledgeable guy always willing to help your needs no matter what they were. easy to get along with but knows when to push you.

James Duncan


In the spring of 2018, I decided it was time to take a more proactive approach to maintain my mobility. I was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago. Over the last 5 years, my mobility has been greatly impacted. Since starting to see Chris I have gone from weekly falls to only 2 falls in October which were related to relapse. I had also been seeing a physiotherapist who eventually suggested Chris was doing more for me than she ever could and that I should just focus on training with him. I am more energetic and stronger and healthier in general! Chris pushes me outside of my comfort zone but respects and works with my limitations as well. Thanks, Chris for your continued encouragement and faith in me!


Erin Taylor


Training with Chris has helped me recover from a hamstring injury that really limited my mobility and was not improving with physiotherapy alone. His focus on body mechanics has led me to achieve significant improvements in range of motion, flexibility and core strength which I am sure will lead to longer, straighter drives this spring.

Mike Raven


Chris' work has incredibly helped me with my posture and chronic back pain as well as becoming much stronger and helping me to be able to move with confidence and poise.  NO MORE PAIN!

Dianne Kidman


I have worked out with Chris Windover over the past year and I have found his weight and strength training program to work exceptionally well for me. He is able to design a program that improves my weaknesses and adds to my strengths. I've always found the program to be fun and engaging. His knowledge of kinetics and physiology is extensive and has certainly helped my aging body. I would highly recommend his program.

Don Bremner


In the past when I thought about beginning a fitness regimen, I always said that I could never commit to a program that involved going to a facility on a regular basis because I knew I wouldn't stick to it. Chris Windover Natural Fitness changed that. Once I started working with Chris, there was no turning back. 

Following an initial assessment which determined a lack of mobility, Chris tailored strength and conditioning exercises to improve my mobility in such a way that I steadily improve and stay motivated as well as stronger in every way without feeling frustrated, embarrassed or risking injury. 

After 3 months, my mobility has improved; I am stronger; I am able to do more and I am in less pain.  As a bonus, a large number of the exercises can be done at home which allows me to continue the conditioning program between sessions with Chris.  



Thanks, Chris for the guidance and positivity.  (And thanks to Axl, Chris' dog, who is always there to cheer me on!)


Kim Hebb



When I met Chris I was experiencing constant back pain and significant lack of mobility. Chris and I have worked out and trained since then. He has continuously evaluated my progress, modifying my strength and conditioning program to fit my specific needs.  It is wonderful to have very good mobility and improved body strength and… I HAVE NO PAIN!  I can participate in all of the sports and daily activities that are important to me. 
During my workouts, Chris focuses on areas that need to be improved.  He is fastidious about exercise technique and preventing injury. He makes changes to any of my workout routines when necessary to allow things to work better and to be more effective.   His profound knowledge of improving mobility has made an incredible difference for me.  


Brian Crabbe


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